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Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer's Breeze

Summer's Breeze
which can be purchased here PIMPIN PSPers WAREHOUSE

Font of choice
Mask of choice
Tube of choice, I am using Ellie Milk from PicsForDesign 
Open a new image 625 by 625.

c/p = copy and paste as a new layer
c/p element DC 94 resize 75
select bottom layer
copy paper 13 and paste into selection, deselect
resize paper 75
using magic wand inside of frame, selections, expand by 4, invert paper and delete
select none
DC 84 c/p resize if you need to, I didn't.
DC 18 c/p resize
DC 19 c/p resize
DC 37 c/p resize, effects, gradient glow, I chose the color of the water, width of 6
DC 70 c/p resize, mirror
DC 75 c/p resize, above frame place at bottom
DC 74 c/p resize
DC 69 resize
DC 43 c/p resize
Add a new raster layer at the bottom of the palette and FF with yellow, I used fbde25
add you mask to this layer and merge group.
Add a drop shadow to all layer except the tube, sand and WA.
On the tube layer I did the following:
effects, xero, porcelain at default settings, duplicate layer, on top layer, adjust, blur, blur more, set the properties for this layer to soft light and the opacity to 80. Add a drop shadow to the bottom tube layer.
For the name I use the Ellipse tool, oval. I draw out the size I want then use the pick tool to make adjustments. Add a new raster on top of that layer then choose your font, place the mouse on the top of the oval, when the cross changes you are ready to type your name. Change to a raster and move if you wish. Delete the empty raster layer and the oval layer.
I added a gradient glow and drop shadow to my name.
Add your © and save!


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