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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Steampunk Sass

Tube by Misticheskaya at PFD

Kit by Alluring Kreationz - Steampunk Saga


Mask #56 HERE
Font Santas Sleigh Fulll

Open new image 650 by 650
c/p frame 8, using magic wand click inside frame, selections, modify, expand by 3
copy paper 3, add a new raster layer below the frame and paste into selection
select none
c/p tube, duplicate - hide one of the tube layers for later use
resize the tube to your liking and place where you want
c/p ele 38, 41, 39, 26, 17, 16, 21
move duplicate tube above paper and position how you want, repeat magic wand and expand click on the tube image - selections, invert and delete
select none
on this layer of the tube
effects, xero-procelian, default settings, effects, texture effects, blinds - w 2, o 20, color #404040
add a drop shadow, lower opacity to 75, change the blend mode to luminance
add a drop shadow to all elements
on the main tube layer
effects, xero-procelain, duplicate the tube, on the top tube, adjust, blur, gaussian blur with a radius of 5 change blend to soft light
on the bottom tube, effects, photo effects, film & filters with film looks set to glamour and creative filters set to warming, density 10
add a drop shadow to this layer
FF the very bottom raster layer your color of choice, I used #df8e8c, add your mask and merge group-when using this mask, I had to invert it.
add name and CR with your license number

Thanks for looking!


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